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Cruise Restaurant Review:

Mongolian Wok, Carnival Splendor

By Lisa Plotnick


If your future vacation plans include a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines, I recommend highly a lunch from Mongolian Wok.


During a visit to Carnival Splendor last month, I had many choices for lunch. Because of my enjoyment of this venue on my earlier Carnival cruises, I made my decision prior to boarding. It was superb, even better than I had remembered.


Mongolian Wok is a station that offers a meal of noodles, vegetables, and a protein that is customized to your own tastes. As you go down the line toward the chefs, you first fill a bowl with your choice of vegetables and noodles. The selection is generous and includes broccoli, carrots, black beans, cabbage, ramen, and glass noodles.


When you reach the chef, you select the protein to be cooked. There is usually a choice of beef, chicken, and fish. (Vegetarian options, such as black beans, are available at the salad bar.) The chef starts stir-frying your selection in a sauce of your choosing – black bean (mild), Thai barbeque (medium), or Szechuan (spicy).  Once the meat is ready, he will then add your bowl of vegetables and noodles to the wok and then put it all in a fresh bowl.


For this visit, I enjoyed salmon with carrots, green beans, corn, green pepper, and glass noodles in a Thai barbeque sauce. A glass of iced tea rounded out this wonderful meal. The meal was delectable. The salmon was cooked to perfection and the vegetables remained crisp. The Thai barbeque sauce was spicy, but not overly so, making it perfect for those of us who are not brave enough for the more fiery Szechuan option.


I understand that the protein options can vary. I had shrimp on one of my earlier cruises, and have heard that mussels were also on the rotation on one cruise. This just gives us another reason to return!


Note that the line at Mongolian Wok can be long – so it’s probably best for a sea day or after returning from a morning tour on a port day.  My wait for the chef was about 10 minutes on a port day.


On Carnival Splendor, Mongolian Wok is located near the Lido Restaurant. There was ample seating both inside the buffet area and by the swimming pools.


For more information on Mongolian Wok and its locations, talk to your travel agent or visit Carnival’s website.




This article was originally published by the author on on November 8, 2014.