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Feature Articles

General  cruise advice, observations, interviews, and historical perspectives on cruise ships and ocean liners.



Cruising with Bubbie: The Benefits of Multi-Generational Cruising  November 2010

All Aboard Who’s Staying Aboard - The Ultimate Cruise to Nowhere December 2010

Editorial: Camaraderie at Sea - A Different Take on the Carnival Splendor Incident December 2010


Off the Beaten Path - Seeing Ports of Call Like a Local  February 2011

New Destinations—Exploring New Itineraries March 2011

Reader’s Choice: Combating Mal de Mer March 2011

Editorial: My Conflicted Relationship with the 1997 Movie “Titanic” April 2011

Queen Mary Revisited  May 2011

Editorial: RMS Olympic–The Overlooked Sister June 2011

Ten Ways Cruising Has Improved Over the Years July/August 2011

The Value of a Professional Travel Agent September 2011

Passenger Ship Calls on Boston, 2011 December 2011


My Nautical Notebook: The Early Days March 2012

Remembering RMS Carpathia April 2012

A Lifetime of Voyages: A Tribute to a Dear Friend May 2012

Wartime Conversions of Ocean Liners June 2012

Classic Passenger Ships of Tomorrow July 2012

The Cruise as a Sampler August 2012

Passenger Ship Calls on Boston, 2012 December 2012


Ghosts of Our Liners Past February 2013

Editorial: Ship Happens March 2013

Opening Day 2013, Boston May/June 2013

Seven Strategies to Not Gain Weight on a Cruise May/June 2013

Tips for Choosing the Shore Excursion Type That is Right For You July/August 2013

Ten Tips to Select Your Alaska Cruise Itinerary September/October 2013

Norwegian Star, An In-depth Behind the Scenes Tour November/December 2013


Ten Signs That a Facebook Contest is Not For Real February 2014

Cruise Restaurant Review: Mongolian Wok, Carnival Splendor November 2014


A Closer Look at the Cruise to Nowhere Decision June 2015

Five Reasons For the Strong Bond Between Boston and Cunard July 2015