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August 2017




April 2016

This month’s highlight was the 2016 Conference of the Titanic Historical Society.




September 2015


July 2015


June 2015


May 2015

Directly from the journal, we recount our visit to Canada/New England.


March/April 2015

With seven feet of snow in Boston, we met some amazing travel experts, read a great book, and relived a visit to a splendid ship.





November 2014

Still getting back into the groove, we share two favorite pastimes – ship spotting in Boston and reading


August 2014

We’re back! What better way to return than to share new journal entries?


March 2014


February 2014




November/December 2013

Our year-end issue contains a potpourri of topics, including our traditional Cruiseport Boston photo essay, a couple of requested excursion reviews, and another book recommendation.


September/October 2013

In our back-to-school issue, we demystify the cruise choices in Alaska, ride the subway in St. Petersburg, and recommend a great book about Titanic.


July/August 2013

Join us as we share our day-by-day account of our Baltic Capitals cruise on Norwegian Star. We also share our thoughts on common questions we receive regarding shore excursions.


May/June 2013

It’s back to Canada and New England as we celebrate the start of cruise season in Boston.


March/April 2013

While the NauticalNotebook editor was sidetracked with pressing (and now-resolved) issues, the mainstream press was turning on the cruise industry – and one line, in particular.


January/February 2013

A new year is often a time of reflection. In this issue, we revisit some of our past ships that are now serving far away from home, have ceased operation, or, sadly, are no longer with us.




November/December 2012

Autumn was a busy time for the NauticalNotebook staff, as well as for Cruiseport Boston. While our staff was tending to our paying jobs, Cruiseport Boston was hard at work.


August/September 2012 (Focus on Canada/New England)

Join us in two of our favorite ports in eastern Canada. And, while onboard ship, consider exploring some new experiences.


July 2012 (Focus on Alaska)

We returned to Alaska this summer and have a new journal to share, as well as new reviews of several ports. We also ponder the question of which of today’s cruise ships will be considered classic years from now.


June 2012 (Focus on Europe)

In this issue, we honor the continent of Europe through port and shore excursion reviews in Dublin, Northern Ireland, and Italy, and review a novel that provides an alternate history of British shipbuilding. We also examine how liners were reconfigured for military service from 1911-1982.


May 2012

The staff of NauticalNotebook suffered a devastating loss with the passing of a close friend and fellow ocean liner devotee. We pay tribute to her years at sea and several shore excursions we enjoyed as a result of her recommendations.


April 2012 (100th anniversary of Titanic tragedy)

As the maritime world commemmorates the centennary of the loss of Titanic, NauticalNotebook honors the ship that rescued the survivors and the city that coordinated the recovery mission.


March 2012

The first notebook was nothing elaborate, yet chronicled a variety of early cruising memories.


January 2012

Daily diaries from our Norwegian Jade cruise to Monte Carlo, Nice, Rome, Florence, Sorrento, Pompeii, and Palma de Mallorca.




December 2011

The historic city of Boston welcomed 22 ships on 107 port calls this year. Here are some of them.


November 2011

Our Two Hours Onboard... series returns with a visit to an impressive Jewel.


October 2011

At a busy time of year, we recount a weekend cruise on a ship we first sailed thirteen years earlier.


August/September 2011

Our CLIA-certified travel agent saved the day! And, enjoy two exciting debuts – a very special Queen on a maiden visit and the launch of our NauticalNotes section.


July 2011

As much we lament the passing of classic liners, we need to acknowledge the positive changes in the modern cruise industry. Also, join us on our favorite itinerary and an overview of a favorite liner-turned-cruiser.


June 2011 (100th anniversary of Olympic’s maiden voyage)

A very special issue on our favorite ship, RMS Olympic, who had an extraordinary life that greatly transcended the unfortunate title of Titanic’s sister.


May 2011 (75th anniversary of Queen Mary’s maiden voyage)

In this special issue, we celebrate a milestone anniversary of RMS Queen Mary by recounting a 2005 visit and reviewing a marvelous children’s book depicting a transatlantic crossing on her longtime rival. Also join us for a 14-night exploration of the British Isles.


April 2011 (99th anniversary of Titanic tragedy)

In April 1912, RMS Titanic met with tragedy on her maiden voyage. In this special issue, we look at the human side of this event, and include an editorial on the fact/fantasy balance in the blockbuster movie.


March  2011

Our first reader’s choice article focuses on the causes of and remedies for seasickness, in the rare event you’ll experience it. We also describe how new itineraries added variety to our cruises, and document a long-awaited return to the Caribbean.


February 2011

Inspired by a conference session by two renowned travel experts, we share unconventional port visits in the U.S., Bermuda, Holland, Norway, and more. Also, join us on our first Alaska cruise, our last cruise on our beloved Norwegian Majesty, and an amazing shore excursion out of Naples.


January 2011

Comprehensive review of a Western Mediterranean cruise on NCL, journal entries from two spectacular cruises, a review of a favorite homeport, and a recent addition to the library.





December 2010

More reminiscences, a bucket list wish fulfilled, and our first editorial.


November 2010 (Maiden Issue)

Recalling favorite cruise memories from over the years, opening our reference library, and organizing a family cruise. Dedicated to Mildred and Arnold Plotnick.